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Rollfast in India is a 30 year old company set up by two entrepreneurs Mrs. Seema Aggarwal and Mr. Rajender Aggarwal in the year 1984. At that time there was huge demand for these fasteners in India and looking at this demand they set up Rollfast in India to manufacture fasteners.
Mr. Kapil Aggarwal is the son of Mrs. Seema Aggarwal and Rajender Aggarwal and after completing his graduation from London he has joined the family business in promoting their company in the year 1994.
Today Rollfast in India is producing stud bolts and is exporting fasteners to almost 56 countries all over the world.
Rollfast has recently tied up with Lolite energy in Africa to set up a identical fasteners and fabrication plant in Enugu state in Nigeria for production of fasteners and stud bolts for the petrochemical industry.
Rollfast india web site is and you can find out more about our company on our web site.
Rollfast will be manufacturing similar stud bolts and fasteners which are manufactured in our factories in India, by 2014 Nigeria and west Africa region will be self sufficient in manufacturing and feeding the complete requirement of the African continent from this factory in Enugu.
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